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"Radini does one of the finest card manipulation acts I have ever seen!" – Paul Daniels

English Summary

We have the pleasure of presenting Radini
– a magician with speedy fingers and a
twinkle in his eye.

Radini started his magical career in 1977. Two years later he won the 1st prize in the Close-up magic competition at the Norwegian Championship for juniors. Since then he has won about 20 prizes and awards for his art in magic. He is a two time winner of the Norwegian Championship of Magic, and he was also the winner of the Manipulation Class, in the Nordic Championship of Magic in 2003, where he competed against magicians from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.


Radini's magic does not depend upon magic props. It is the artist himself, not the props that creates the illusion of magic. This fact, and his marvellous ways of combining humour and "sleight of hand" makes him a fantastic entertainer that has to be seen. The artist is also used as a speaker and toastmaster, and he is a sure winner when the party is to be "kicked off".


This is real "stand-up magic" all the way.


Besides this, he has performed in both the national television company NRK, TV2, TV Norge, as well as several local TV stations.


The famous English magician Paul Daniels once said, "Radini does one of the finest card manipulation acts I have ever seen!"


Radini is a member of the Magic Circle of Norway (MCN) and is the chairman of the MCN dep North. He is also a member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM).


In his home in Bodø, Radini has his own magical man-cave, Xanadu, (named after the cartoon series Mandrake the Magician's home) with a library consisting of thousands of magazines and books on magic. He also has a collection of about five hundred videos and DVDs. This is a wonderful place for him to retire for relaxation after a busy day, and a place where he develops and practices new magical effects.


Radini is able to perform both in English and German and he also speaks a little Russian.

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